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Оренда серверів для рендерингу – наша основна спеціалізація. Використовуючи наші потужні рендер-ферми, ви можете вирішити навіть найскладніші завдання миттєво

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Convenient way
from $3 per order

Pay in a convenient way. Trial render we do for free

The price is only $ 0.007 for each rented gigahertz of render farm capacity per hour. This is one of the lowest prices on the market. Our cumulative system of discounts will help you to save up to 60% of money, depending on the size of the replenishment of your internal account in the service. And for large projects, especially for you, we are ready to offer special conditions
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Power of
render farm
5040 Ghz

2x Intel Xeon E5-2670,
128 Gb RAM, Nvidia 3090, 3080TI, 1080TI
70 servers

The power of our render farm will solve the most complex problems

Every single CPU server is equipped with 2x Intel Xeon E5-2670 (Sandy Bridge) and 64 or 120 Gb RAM. For GPU rendering we use top-end "Pascal" graphics cards GTX1080 TI and GTX 1080. You can rent only CPU or GPU servers, depending on what is needed, while calculator will help to estimate how much time it will take to render your project
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per 1Ghz / hour

discount system
from 5% to 30%

Our prices are among the lowest on the market, while a flexible system of discounts will satisfy any needs

The price is only $ 0.0038 for each rented GhZ of render farm capacity per hour and the minimum order amount is only $3. Our cumulative system of discounts will help you to save up to 40% of money, check it yourself! We are ready to offer special conditions for large and complex projects, contact us for details
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Modern software and
plugins to it
20 + programs

Free help from
your personal

Flexible configuration of programs, plug-ins and help of a personal Manager will make the work pleasant

A wide range of pre-installed software and plug-ins will satisfy the most demanding user. At your request, we are also ready to install rare plugins and scripts specifically for you. If in the process you have any questions or difficulties, a personal Manager will come to the rescue. You create — we implement!
Supported software and plugins

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