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Blender 2.93 LTS has been released

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Blender 2.93 LTS has an updated workspace and table editor for geometric nodes. More than 20 new nodes have been added, including nodes for creating 2D and 3D primitives. Mesh parameters such as vertex colour data, some of the UV properties and material assignment can now be accessed.
The update also added a default workspace for geometry nodes, including a new spreadsheet editor to display attribute values for meshes, point clouds and instances, and improved error reporting.


New mask functions for sculpting have been added, including the new Expand operator, introduced as the main tool for masking parts of a sculpted surface.
The new operator can create multiple mask shapes at a time, unlike the previous one, which allows you to create masks with faces.
It can also be used to control vertex colours, including the ability to change the surface colour gradient.


In terms of performance, both of Blender’s main rendering engines received an update in the 2.93 release. Eevee received a completely rewritten depth of field and ambient shading, and volume shadows have been improved.



However, Cycles appears to have received more significant changes, among them the ability to store full rendering data for a scene, speeding up re-rendering by increasing memory usage.
For pipeline integration, Cycles becomes the latest rendering engine to support OCIO 2, the latest version of the OpenColorIO colour management standard, also adopted by Arnold and OctaneRender.

Серьёзное обновление получил также Grease Pencil – набор инструментов для 2D анимации Blender, включая новый модификатор LineArt, генерирующий штрихи GreasePencil из контуров или пересечений трёхмерной геометрии.
Его можно использовать как для неподвижных изображений, так и для анимации.
Появилась возможность импорта векторных фигур в формате SVG и преобразовывать их в Grease Pencil, а также экспортировать штрихи Grease Pencil в формате SVG или PDF.
Инструмент Interpolate Tool теперь может выполнять интерполяцию между штрихами с различным количеством точек, а инструмент Fill Tool может заполнять несколько кадров за один раз, включая области за пределами области просмотра.


The library override system gets an update, override re-synchronisation is now automatic, the mapping of overrides in Outliner and the ‘final documentation’ of the system has also been updated.
The toolkit was one of three selected as the key development priorities for the first half of 2021, along with the new Resource Browser and Pose Library, due in Release 3.0.
Other new features in Blender 2.93 are available from the official website.
Blender 2.93 is available for Windows 8.1 and later, macOS 10.13 and later, and Linux. The product is free of charge. Support for Windows 7 was discontinued by the Blender Foundation after Microsoft dropped support for that operating system in January

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