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Chaos Vantage 1.3 from Chaos Group has been released.

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The software, formerly known as Project Lavina, now known as Chaos Vantage, uses the RT cores in current generation Nvidia RTX graphics cards to create an interactive image of an environment with full ray tracing in real time. Vantage 1.3 gained support for VRay2SidedMtl, a two-way V-Ray material and animated camera parameters from an imported .vrscene file.



Also, Vantage now includes the Nvidia GPU-based OptiX noise reduction engine, trained with artificial intelligence, which is also integrated into V-Ray itself, to reduce noise from rendering in the view window.

Chaos Vantage  is only available for Windows 10. It will need an Nvidia RTX GPU and an Nvidia 436.02 or newer driver.
The software is only available for rental. A one-year license is free until 2 June 2021. After that, the subscription will cost $389 per year. Vantage has also been added to the Chaos Group V-Ray Collection product suite.


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