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Free 16K HDR photos for commercial use

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More than 70 HDRI photos, with a resolution of 16K, were freely available on his own site by game artist Elvis Posa.
The files are available for download as 32-bit .hdr files with resolutions of 4096×2048 pixels and 16384×8192 pixels.  They are also licensed for use in commercial projects.


The images presented include both the exterior environment and the interior space of the rooms, which were mainly taken in Bavaria and the Balkans.
The exteriors include natural and urban environments shot at different times of day. The interiors include both apartments and public spaces such as stairwells and underground parking lots.



HDRIs are not categorized or labeled by content type. But given the overall size of the library, it shouldn’t be too difficult to browse through it all.  Also, each of them comes with a 360 degree LDR preview.

All of the HDRI maps presented are available free of charge for use in commercial projects. The files themselves are stored in Google Drive and do not require registration to download them.

You can support the project on Patreon, which will give you direct access to Google Drive for HRDI and the ability to download submitted maps at one time.


CG news
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