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Rebelle 4 by Escape Motion

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Escape Motion has introduced Rebelle 4, an update to its digital painting software. New features have been added to the release to recreate the appearance of thick paints such as oil or acrylic. In addition, the update reworked the watercolor paint system, added new features for layering thin layers, and added support for real RYB color mixing.

Rebelle, first introduced in 2015, mimics the behavior of watercolor and acrylic paint, with smooth flow and blending. You can control the flow of paint in real time by tilting or blowing on the virtual page.
All colors blend realistically, and there are also controls for blurring and blending paint, as well as for gradually erasing brush strokes already created.
The software can also simulate the behavior of dry materials, including pencil, pastel and marker.

Rebelle 4 has received the long-awaited, most requested feature since its release to recreate real oil paint.
The updated impasto software engine simulates the three-dimensional look of thick paint, creating ridges at the edges of strokes and allowing you to scratch existing paint layers to create sgraffito effects.
Two painting modes Blend and Paint and Blend have also been added, expanding the options available to recreate the way wet paint layers are mixed with each other.

The watercolor paint system has also been redesigned in the release, improving performance “by more than 4x” and increasing brush size by an appropriate amount.
Watercolor can now use the new natural color system for color mixing, which mimics the subtractive red-yellow-blue blending of real paint, rather than the usual additive blending of RGB colors.
In addition, Rebelle uses gamma correction to reduce dark bands when mixing colors. The user also has the ability to control how much the new paint is re-mixed with the lower layers of paint.

Brushes now support tilting the stylus of graphics tablets, which allows you to set the width of the stroke, depending on the angle of the tip, as in real pencil or pastel strokes.
Users can also share their own brushes on the Escape Motions community website from Rebelle. There are also paper and paint texture settings and more.
Rebelle 4 is available for Windows 8 and later and macOs 10.13 and later. The cost of the new license is $89.99.

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