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Redshift 3.0.46 has been released

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Maxon introduced Redshift 3.0.46, a key feature is a new colour management pipelayer. It supports the latest version of the OpenColorIO open standard (OCIO) and has built-in support for ACES colour coding, which is now becoming commonplace in visual effects pipelines.


Implementation of the Redshift integration plug-ins varies: the Maya plug-in uses the OCIO 2-based colour management system introduced in Maya 2022,
Cinema 4D users got a custom colour space selection interface for textures used in the shader graph, and 3ds Max users got Redshift Color Picker, a new custom colour selection interface that supports colour management.
The changes make Redshift the latest rendering tool to support OCIO 2 and the ACEScg colour space, also available in V-Ray and the current beta version of OctaneRender.


Other features of Redshift 3.0.46 include support for Redshift proxies in the Blender plugin, including “basic support” for using imported proxies as object instances in particle systems.

Redshift 3.0.46 is available for Windows 7 and above, Linux and macOS 11.3 and above. The cost of a node-locked license is $500, with a floating license costing $600.


On Windows and Linux, Redshift uses the CUDA and OptiX APIs, so you will need a compatible Nvidia GPU. On macOS, it uses the Metal API and supports AMD and Apple Silicon processors.
Renderer integration plugins are compatible with 3ds Max 2014 and above, Blender 2.83+, Cinema 4D R17 and above, Houdini 17.0 and above (18.0+ in macOS), Katana 3.0v1 and above and Maya 2014+ (2016.5+ in macOS).

CG news
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