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Shotgun renamed to ShotGrid

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It has been reported that Autodesk has renamed Shotgun to ShotGrid. Shotgun is a project management software for animation, VFX and gamedev studios, combining planning, tracking and review tools on one platform.
Autodesk has also dropped the old “Awesome” and “Super Awesome” subscriptions in favor of a single $40/month subscription and moved Shotgun to standard product licensing and support systems.


The company acquired Shotgun in 2014 and until now the product continued to be licensed through the old systems of the original developer Sotgun Software. Now, however, Autodesk has moved the product to its own licensing system, which means that you will need an Autodesk account to access it. The old eShop has been closed, with sales moved to Autodesk’s own website.


According to Autodesk’s website FAQ, the new name “suggests a connected network”, with the “Shot” part “talking about creativity in every shot and the “Grid” part talking about production and efficiency”.
ShotGrid is a cloud-based product accessed via a web browser or the Shotgun Create desktop app, which runs on Windows 10, CentOS/RHEL 7.4 Linux and macOS 10.14 and above. The latest release is ShotGrid 8.26.
A ShotGrid subscription costs $40 per month or $330 per year, and there’s also a three-year subscription for $890.


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