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The free V-Ray glTF viewer

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Chaos, the company formerly known as Chaos Group, has released V-Ray glTF, a free collection of Python scripts for rendering models in glTF format using its V-Ray rendering module.

glTF is a lightweight file format for 3D resources in real-time applications and is now supported in DCC software, including Blender and Nvidia’s Omniverse. While there are a number of online glTF viewers available – the new V-Ray glTF Viewer provides an alternative way for users of other software to render glTF models.


The tool is command-line driven, which means it is not easy to work with, but it does work with .gltf and .glb files, and also supports key PBR material characteristics of the glTF 2.0 specification, including transparency and gloss properties.


The viewer also supports animation transformation, but with a number of limitations, no morphing or characters with an “embedded skeleton” are supported. To use V-Ray glTF Viewer you must have the V-Ray App SDK installed or V-Ray 5 for Maya, V-Ray 5 for 3ds Max, both of which include Python binding.


The Chaos repository on GitHub includes installation instructions and gives a little insight into the syntax used to control the rendering camera view and material properties, but the user will still need some technical know-how.

V-Ray glTF Viewer is available free of charge under an MIT licence.

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