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Zoo Tools Pro 2.5 has been released

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Zoo Tools Pro 2.5 is designed to simplify everyday modelling, texturing, lighting and animation tasks. The animation toolset has been updated in the release, adding new tools for baking, timing changes and animation randomisation.


Developed by former Weta Digital and Framestore animator Andrew Silke, formerly called C3dC, Zoo Tools Pro 2 is a modular Python-based Maya tool structure. The framework includes over 40 tools, from workflow utilities to more powerful and optimized alternatives to Maya tools for modeling, unwrapping, shading, lighting, rigging and animation.


Zoo Tools Pro 2.5 has six new tools, primarily for working with animation. Some optimise existing Maya features, such as Bake Animation, which combines its own Bake Channel and Bake Simulation tools into a single user interface.
The compact Zoo Tools user interface for animation has also been updated.

bannerTwoThirds (1).jpg

Other changes include object randomisation, which changes the position, rotation and scale of multiple models in random order, and the ability to match the default ZBrush object scale when exporting resources to the sculpting application.

Zoo Tools Pro 2.5 has compatibility with Maya 2017 and above on Windows, Linux and CentOS Linux. Many of the tools support Arnold, Redshift and RenderMan renderers.
The software is available with a minimum monthly subscription to Create 3D Characters, which also includes downloadable resources and access to Maya tutorial videos. After your subscription ends you still have the option to use the software commercially, which means you’re buying essentially a one-month perpetual licence which costs $40 and then $10 a month thereafter.


CG news
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