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Behind The Scenes – Detroit: Become Human

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Today we want to show you how Detroit: Becoming Human was created.

“Detroit: Becoming Human is a computer-adventure game with interactive cinematic elements, developed by French company Quantic Dream and released by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation 4 in 2018; a year later, the game was released for Windows.

The game is set in the not-too-distant future, where there are mass-produced androids – robotic servants almost indistinguishable from humans. The machines must obey their masters without question, but some of them become “deviants” with their own will as a result of software failure.

In the course of the game the player is introduced to three android protagonists in turn, each with their own storyline: android housewife Cara (Valorie Currie) who protects the little girl Alice, android detective Connor (Brian Deckart) who tracks down faulty android deviants, and rebel Marcus (Jesse Williams) who tries to free his kin from slavery. The game’s non-linear storyline contains many choices and twists, and the decisions the player makes during the dialogues and QTE actions are reflected in the subsequent narrative.

The development history of Detroit goes back to the technical demo of Kara, first revealed by the studio in 2012 as an example of new motion-capture technology.

The game has become one of the largest projects to rely on motion-capture technology to create animation and faithful acting, with over 250 actors involved in its creation. Studio head David Cage spent two years writing an unusually extensive script for the game and consulting with artificial intelligence experts to make his portrayal in the game more believable.



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