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RS Car Paint material in Redhisft Render for 3ds Max. Part 1

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In this video, we will talk about the Car Paint shader in Redshift Render for 3ds Max.

As promised, I start to render the chapter about a Redshift Material, in which we will talk about the all parameters of each material in Redhisft Render. After the theory – there will definitely be practice.

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Video content:

0:00 – Intro
0:05 – Report about subtitles
0:12 – Tutorial theme
1:03 – Scene preparation
2:03 – Opening the “Slate Material Editor” and creating the “RS Car Paint”
2:20 – The theory about the layers of automotive paint in CG
2:38 – Assign the material and check it on the render with default settings
3:08 – “Redshift PostFX”
3:47 – “Pigment Color”
4:46 – “Edge Falloff”
5:49 – “Base Layer Specular”
6:45 – “Spec Highlights Only”
7:16 – “Fresnel Reflectivity” in “Base Layer Specular”
7:25 – “Facing”
8:01 – “Perp / cular”
8:10 – “Curve Factor”
8:36 – “Metalic Flakes”
10:50 – Forrender Renderfarm
11:00 – InfoPartners
11:04 – Ending
11:20 – Preview of the other tutorials and playlist

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Source – CharlyTutors

Author – Andrew Krivulya Charly

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Tips and Guides
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