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RenderMan release with RenderMan XPU
Pixar have unveiled the long-awaited RenderMan 24 with RenderMan XPU, a combined CPU and GPU rendering system. In the past, Blender integrated RenderMan - PRMan is a semi-official add-on developed by the Pixar engineering team and released together with RenderMan 20. It is still available on GitHub, but has not been updated for some time and does not support new features of RenderMan or Blender itself.
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NVIDIA Studio accelerates Adobe Substance 3D Collection and more!
The Adobe Substance 3D collection of applications has been expanded to include new applications that are accelerated by NVIDIA RTX graphics. These include: - Substance 3D Stager, a new application for building, lighting and rendering photorealistic scenes. It allows artists to position and adjust objects in real-time. Interactive ray tracing, now accelerated on RTX GPUs, helps take the guesswork out of the equation. - Substance 3D
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Redshift 3.0.46.
Redshift 3.0.46 has been released
Maxon introduced Redshift 3.0.46, a key feature is a new colour management pipelayer. It supports the latest version of the OpenColorIO open standard (OCIO) and has built-in support for ACES colour coding, which is now becoming commonplace in visual effects pipelines. Implementation of the Redshift integration plug-ins varies: the Maya plug-in uses the OCIO 2-based colour management system introduced in Maya 2022, Cinema 4D users got
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G Scatter
G Scatter – a useful free plug-in for Blender
The G Scatter plugin is currently in beta testing, it allows you to draw vegetation such as grass in a Blender scene and comes with its own set of built-in 3D plant models. G Scatter gives users the ability to paint scattered objects and customize the results, using control options for properties such as density, scale and rotation. The plugin itself builds on Blender's new
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3DF Zephyr 6.0
3DF Zephyr 6.0 by 3Dflow
3DF Zephyr 6.0 has a new Volume of Interest system that helps visualize very large datasets interactively, a new modular save structure, a Python console, and support for the Alembic file format. A number of structural changes have been made to make it easier to manage the huge datasets that photogrammetry can generate, especially when scanning the environment. The new experimental Volume of Interest (VOI)
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Состоялся релиз U-Render 2021.6 для Cinema 4D
U-Render 2021.6 for Cinema 4D has been released
U-Render 2021.6 for Cinema 4D has a redesigned depth of field system to support bokeh effects. The update also introduced initial support for integrated rendering in the new DirectX Cinema 4D preview window. U-Render promises the user true real-time rendering. The software is more like a game engine than a conventional standalone renderer with good support for basic Cinema 4D features, including MoGraph. U-Render supports
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Состоялся релиз CityEngine 2021.0
CityEngine 2021.0 released
CityEngine is a procedural tool for creating 3D city models. The software generates detailed city models based on simple procedural rules, importing data in standard file formats such as OBJ and DXF and exporting to formats such as FBX, Alembic and USD. Although designed for architects and urban planners, the software integrates with the ESRI ArcGIS platform - the software is also designed for entertainment content
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Shotgun переименован в ShotGrid
Shotgun renamed to ShotGrid
It has been reported that Autodesk has renamed Shotgun to ShotGrid. Shotgun is a project management software for animation, VFX and gamedev studios, combining planning, tracking and review tools on one platform. Autodesk has also dropped the old "Awesome" and "Super Awesome" subscriptions in favor of a single $40/month subscription and moved Shotgun to standard product licensing and support systems. The company acquired Shotgun in 2014
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Multiverse release | USD 6.7
Multiverse | USD 6.7 received support for blend shapes in USD format, which in turn allows you to write assemblies that are used by the Maya Blend Shape deformer as blend shapes in USD, with support for multiple targeting, intermediate elements and skeleton animations. The update also expanded support for working with USD (Universal Scene Description), a 3D scene description file format developed by Pixar. There
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