Silhouette 2021.5
Silhouette update 2021.5 is out
With the introduction of Silhouette 2021.5, layout options have been enhanced, introducing a new four-way colour correction interface with controls for shadows, midtones, highlights and the entire image. Users also get 89 colour correction presets "from Oscar-nominated films". In addition, the Math Composite node in Silhouette now supports 22 overlay modes. The list should be familiar to users of other image editing and compositing applications and
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Before & After
Amazing Before & After Hollywood VFX
Amazing Hollywood VFX. So well done in fact that most of the time we don’t actually see it, at all! But pretty much everything we see in the movies has a whole ton of CGI behind it, enhancing it into the polished scenes we’ve grown to love. For the Desolation of Smaug, Benedict Cumberbatch not only recorded the voice of Smaug, but also had a camera
V-Ray 5
Chaos have unveiled V-Ray 5 for Unreal
V-Ray for Unreal is Chaos' answer to Unreal Engine's own Datasmith toolkit, which allows you to export scenes created in other versions of V-Ray in .vrscene Chaos format and import them into Unreall Engine. This process automatically converts V-Ray light sources and materials into their real-time equivalents. The user can either generate a real-time rendering using the game engine, or make changes to the scene within
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render man 24.1
Бесплатный плагин Render Man 24.1 для Substance Painter
The free RenderMan plug-in for Substance Painter can now export Substance materials for use in other DCC applications in a format compatible with RenderMan's Lama layering system. Update 24.1 itself does not add any important features. Most of the changes are workflow and performance improvements, particularly improvements to the NPR Stylized Looks shading system and the RenderMan XPU heterogeneous rendering engine. The update moves XPU, which
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maya 2022.1
Maya 2022.1 released
  Many of the new features included in Maya 2022.1 aim to reduce the learning curve for new users. Changes include two new tutorials for beginners: "Interactive Basics" and "Overview", as well as a new "Home App" home screen that provides access to additional tutorials and information about new features. The character kit for Mayabot, a virtual tutorial host for the basics of interactivity, comes
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Modo 15.1 has been released
Modo 15.1 includes Omni Haul, an interesting system for custom gesture-based controls, for editing tool attributes, a new logical curve value system, and an automated Static Analysis scene test system. OmniHaul extends the approach used in the existing Channel Haul tool to the entire Modo tool set, allowing you to assign your own combinations of attributes to the left, right and middle mouse buttons.   [embed][/embed]
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Corona Renderer 7
Corona Renderer 7 For 3ds Max
Corona Renderer 7 has received CoronaPhysicalMTL, a new "PBR-based material" designed to increase compatibility with other visualisation tools such as Substance 3D Collection and Quixel Mixer. It includes clear coat parameters to recreate car paint and gloss parameters to recreate the surface properties of a tarnish, and comes with 35 new presets for common real-world materials. Inherited physical material is still available for backwards compatibility
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Redshift shifts to a subscription-based distribution model
Redshift, a powerful GPU-accelerated renderer designed to meet the specific requirements of modern high-performance rendering, is transitioning to a subscription-based distribution model beginning August 31, 2021. Subscriptions, which will only be available through Maxon's proprietary licensing system, will be "comparable" to current annual maintenance fees. Maxon also discontinued support for the existing Cinema 4D/ Redshift subscription package on the same date. There have been questions about
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Avengers: Infinity War | VFX Breakdown
Today we show and tell you about the superhero film Avengers: Infinity War. The premiere screening took place on 23 April 2018 in Los Angeles. The film was released in the US on 27 April 2018. Collecting over $2.048 billion at the box office and setting a record for breaking the $1 billion (11 days) worldwide box office milestone, the film simultaneously became the fifth highest-grossing